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10 Reasons to Play

Here are 10 reasons you should consider enrolling your child(ren) in Little League baseball …

1) Affordable registration fees (are lower than even soccer).
2) Minimal equipment costs (bats, balls, jerseys & caps are provided by the League).
3) Play outdoors (our winters are long enough, might as well enjoy the spring & summer outdoors).
4) Equal playing time (eveyone bats and everyone plays the field).
5) Boys and girls play together at all ages.
6) Improve eye-hand abilities.
7) Non-contact sport.
8) Short season (2 month spring season, followed by optional 2 month summer season).
9) Learn a sport that you can continue to play recreationally as an adult.
10) Character building (by learning to deal with both success & failure).

If you are new to baseball and have experience with either coaching, baseball or working with children, then make sure you volunteer to coach. At the entry levels, where there aren't returning coaches, Leagues are dependent on parents to step forward. Your child's baseball experience will depend significantly on the efforts of the volunteer parents. Don't be shy, your help is needed.