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Canadians in the Bigs

Did you know that there are over a dozen Canadians currently playing Major League Baseball?

Canadians involved in baseball should be proud of this accomplishment.  Especially when you consider that Canadians aren't able to play year round.  What might not be surprisingly to some, is the number of pitchers that are being developed North of the border.  Perhaps this is the result of our shorter seasons preventing the over-use of young pitching arms.

Think you know your baseball???  Try and match the following Canadian baseball player names to the following faces as they appear in the order of the photos below:

a) John Axford  b) Justin Morneau c) Jason Bay d) George Kottaras e) Adam Stern
f) Russ Martin g) Joey Votto h) Matt Stairs  i) Chris Leroux j) Rich Harden

Answer: f / j / h / c / g / b / i / d / e / a