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"Field of Dreams" with the Ottawa Fat Cats

If you are the coach of a youth baseball team, I recommend you organize a Field of Dreams outting with the Ottawa Fat Cats. 

This past Father's Day, my son's T-ball coach, Russell Lapointe organized a Field of Dreams event.  Russ booked the event through Davyd Balloch,  the Sales Director of the Fat Cats organization.

The T-ball players gathered in the seats behind the back stop and watched the players warm up.  Once the warm-up was completed, the players were invited on to the field to meet the players.  All the players were exceptionally gracious in speaking to the players and making the younger ones feel comfortable.  Then each player (T-ball & Fat Cats) in the lineup were introduced and they ran on to the field.  There they stood for the singing of the National anthem.

My son didn't really understand why he was there, but he knew it was significant.  It's nice to be there as a parent, and watch moments like these happen.  These are happy memories that will forever be etched in their minds when they think back on their youth.

As for the actual baseball game, it was probably secondary for the kids, but if you enjoy your baseball, only a trained eye will pickup that these aren't Major League Baseball players.  The skill level of these players is outstanding. 

If there is a better value for a family excursion than taking in a Fat Cats game during the summer, I'd like to know.

On behalf of the Tball players,
Pinecrest Little League