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Jamie's Call On Baserunning

Jamie is presently a coach for the Summer A Pinecrest team. 

1st Base: (click here for video)
The video link I've included is a perfect example of how to dive back to the base.

  •  Your lead should be far enough that you turn and dive back to the base. You shouldn't reach the base standing up. 
  • You're watching the pitchers feet. Front foot lifts, you're gone to 2nd (if stealing).
  • As soon as the right heel moves you're back to the base.
  • Dive back with your right hand reaching to the back corner of the base, this way your hand is less likely to get stomped on AND you're farther away from the 1st baseman.
  • Look to your left so you don't get a ball to the face, and you can see if the ball goes past the 1st baseman.

 2nd Base:

  • Take your lead, about 2 or 3 steps to your right.
  • Take 2 steps backwards. This allows you to be able to see the 2nd baseman, and be more aware of the SS.
  • Once the pitcher comes to the set creep forward, this way you've got moment which you can either turn to the bag, or to 3rd depending on what the pitcher does.
3rd Base: (click here for video)

This video demonstrates exactly what we DON'T want to happen. The runner is properly coming back in fair, but he went too far down the line, and he may not have been going back to the bag quick enough (it's hard to tell). Either way he was too far off the bag and they gunned him out.

  • Down in FOUL. Back in FAIR.
  • Smaller lead, start moving forward on the pitch. This allows you to gain momentum on a wild pitch.
  • Be quick to get back to the base in FAIR if the ball is caught. Don't get caught walking back to the base.