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Craig Alain is an avid baseball fan.  He first became involved in youth baseball with Carlingwood-Frank Ryan Little League in Ottawa's West-end, when his son enrolled in baseball at the Rookie level.  There he (along with Greg Brooks), learned about coaching, from experienced coaches, Dean Chamberlin and Mark Bradley.  Much of the knowledge he's aquired, and been able to pass on, has been through obervation of more experienced coaches.  He credits people like Mike Kusiewicz and Cam Pelton for sharing their knowledge. 

He has read many books on the subject of coaching baseball and has attended coaching clinics that were graciously offered by Ontario Little League District 2 and 6: Al Herback's Teaching for Tomorrow and Marc Shoenfelt's Back To Basics (B2B).

Craig eventually made the transition from coach to Executive volunteer.  While coaching is his passion, he is presently the President for Pinecrest Little League.

The purpose of this blog, is to promote youth baseball in Eastern Ontario.  He developed this blog to share information in a non-partisan manner, to parents, coaches and players.  Follow his blog to stay current on baseball leagues, clubs, tournaments, training, and instruction in the Ottawa-Valley.

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