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The baseball landscape has changed in parts of Ottawa, Nepean and Bells Corners.  Two proud Leagues have effectively been merged under a single, larger league.  Pinecrest and Carlingwood Frank-Ryan Little League have received approval for their two boundaries to be redrawn under a single boundary.  This means a new League, a new Charter and a fresh beginning.

"everyone is excited about this", said Pete Loyen (the former President of CFR) who will become the President of the new League.

"we've received a lot of positive responses including congratulations from Presidents of other D2 and D6 Leagues", said Craig Alain (the former President of Pinecrest), who takes on baseball operations.   "we have a rare opportunity to build a strong and sustainable league", he continued.

While the League name has been chosen, as Ottawa West Little League, the "team" name remains to be selected.  A short-list has been established and now the names are being presented to the players, parents and coaches to have their say.

While a larger territory will help with the volunteer base and opportunities to develop players through the benefits of critical mass, the League will continue to be land-locked and will need a turn-over of younger families moving back into the neighbourhoods.  But this turn of events gives ample opportunity for the League to become masters of their own fate and build something special.

They have the benefit of the 2015 Little League Canadian Championships being hosted in Barrhaven, by East Nepean Little League.  This event, the first of its kind in Ottawa in over 50 years, will help bring attention to youth baseball in the Ottawa-Valley.  This coupled with a successful Toronto  Blue Jays team will contribute to higher registration rates.

Good luck to Ottawa West Little League.