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A Major Player on the Youth Baseball Scene

If you've been paying attention to youth baseball development in Ottawa for the past half-decade, the Chiefs name is not new to you.  But what is new, is that beginning in the 2015 season, their program is offering season long competitive travel teams.  Four teams in fact.

By all accounts, it seems like they are going about this the right way.  If creating a solid foundation was a recipe book, theirs would go something like this ...

1) build a solid loyal base of potential players through development programs. (X)
2) recruit coaching staffs from across the city. (X)
3) get their name out there to other travel teams to establish a reputation for sportsmanship. (X)
4) secure facilities to run a program beginning in April. (X)
5) build an effective communication strategy through well structured website and regular information newsletters. (X)
6) establish relationships with other travel/competitive teams in around the Ottawa area.  (work in progress)

It will be interesting to see how things unfold for the Chiefs.  If dedication and love of the game by their President Brian Beehler is any indication, they should be a mainstay for youth baseball in Ottawa.

Link to their new website.