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Fitness for a Baseball Player

1. Cardiovascular Training

Cardiovascular training allows you to accomplish more work with less fatigue. It leads to faster recuperation between sets, exercises, and workouts.

2. Range of motion

Range of motion is critical in baseball. Stretching exercises and warm-up techniques that take the muscles through a full range of motion help improve overall flexibility.

3. Strength and Muscular Endurance

Weight training is the primary means of building the strength that helps us improve our speed, power and agility. The key is to improve on the strength of the essential muscles used in our game.

4. Speed

Speed is the measure by which all good athletes, including baseball players, are judged. A player with speed automatically possesses a weapon that separates him from a slower opponent. There is no way to defend speed except through speed itself.

5. Periodization

The theory behind periodization is to divide phrases of training into small, manageable segments so that the body does not adapt to the training. Tthis creates a gradual, planned increase in performance that peaks in time for competition. This significantly reduce the risk of injury. There are 6 standards training phrases.
1. Regeneration
2. Strength
3. Power
4. Specific power
5. Preseason
6. In-Season

6. Specificity and Adaptation

Exercises that constantly challenge the body to perform at a higher level.

7. Intensity, Frequency, and Duration

The power output, number of training sessions and the length of each session.

8. Nutrition

Good nutrition helps your muscles build up after training.
Source: San Diego Eagles Baseball Club / Coaches Corner