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The Importance of Long Toss

Without Long Toss you will lose arm strength over the course of a season.
PITCHERS: Standard Long Toss (Total 40-50 throws) and throw from a set position.
1. Ten Throws at 45-60 feet apart
2. Ten throws 60-90 ft
3. Ten at 75-120 ft
4. Ten at 100-180 feet every other day (Over 12 years old)
5. Ten at 45-60 ft
This throwing activity is good for all positional players as well.

Note: There are a lot of good ways to develop one's body, but ultimately if you want to be a good pitcher--or a positional player--then you better plan on throwing a lot of baseballs....and not just 3 months of the year, but all year long.

No matter how much rope jumping, weight lifting, band work you do, no matter how many milk shakes, protein drinks, colloidal minerals you take, you're only going to get good if you throw a lot of baseballs. Certainly, being fit improves one's performance in any sport.

Throwing a baseball, if you want to become a "Real Baseball Player," is done in a controlled environment year-around. Remember if "U" can't Throw "U" can't Play..

Source: San Diego Eagles Baseball Club / Coaches Corner